Beyond e-Commerce

Network Retail for the Multiverse.

Payment Fees: 2.9% + 30ยข USD per online transaction

Beyond Selling

Sell Less to Sell More #NoSelling

Get ready to unleash a whole new retail experience, selling local and global brands, powered by people everywhere. Shopherd is a new Internet platform for content-led community-driven commerce. Partner with creators and influencers, newspapers and magazines, and everyone in the middle, to drive customer relationships.No more selling, only sharing. Welcome your customers and partners to member-driven market networks.PS - Your Shopherd manages all your cosellers and storefronts around the Internet. Welcome to AI-powered shopkeeping, enjoy!

Powered by transparent ledgers, Shopherd is a new type of storefront, connected to creators and communities to help drive your sales.

  • Expand your sales funnel

  • Work with global cosellers to boost revenue

  • Track and reward everyone that led to the sale

Beyond Affiliates

Community Commerce for the Creator Economy

Energize your network to earn simply by driving engagement across any social media platform such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Let everyone work from home, and you can now leverage the creator economy and community commerce to monetize your sales.Cosellers using Shoptype earn not just just through the terrible "last-click wins" affiliate model, but goes beyond with an authentic peer-to-peer-to-peer chain of influence where everyone on the path to purchase gets paid a fair share of the sale.

  • Monetize influence from introduction to engagement to close

  • Get generous commissions from top brands

  • Free to join and use

Beyond Work

Passive Income from Referrals

Empower your fans, customers, and marketers to earn from inviting more folks into your network. Every member retains 95% of their coseller earnings, and also 5% of their referral's earnings. Watch your super fans power their own sub-networks!

  • An radically transparent and fair multi-level referral program incentivizes introductions across B2B2C relationships.

  • Members always retain 95% of revenue share from their own content creation and content curation, simply sharing to earn

  • Members also earn 5% from new members they invite

Beyond Platforms

Web3, 2, 1, 0

Shopherd works across Internet platforms such as social networks, chat and messaging apps, email, blogs, and so on. Shopherd is also compatible with blockchain networks and various web3 platforms.With Shopherd, share and earn is truly universal. Welcome to the first large-scale web0 project!

  • Works across blockchains, platforms, countries, and currencies

  • Offers a "web2.5" bridge connecting web2 and web3 universes

  • Built on world-class open platforms such as WooCommerce, Stripe, Amazon Web Services and Shoptype, the Shopherd platform supports community-driven extensions and a plugin ecosystem

Beyond Rewards

From loyalty to evangelism

Show your customers and partners real love! Shopherd powers a modern rewards program, one that keeps on paying. Launch your own exclusive club for top patrons, enable members-only access to top products, services, and experiences, with integrated cash back and other incentive models.

  • A simple 1-lick upgrade from the core version of Shopherd

  • Launch your own virtual currency, choose crypto if you like

  • Offer in-store redemption and cross-network rewards

Beyond Go-To-Market

Internet Scale Monetization

It's not enough to just have a store. Driving profitable sales is a whole new challenge. Pre-paid marketing is a terribly expensive way to grow a business. Why not leverage the power of the global community across all platforms of the Internet?Shopherd packs a powerful AI engine to help drive your sales. Embrace the coming Internet economy, go from "marketing", to building out interconnected network markets for communities.

  • Launch a Shopherd for your market network in minutes

  • Invite your brand partners to comarket and cosell together

  • Contact us for custom designs or custom integrations

Payment Fees: 2.9% + 30ยข USD per online transaction

Store: included with your Network purchase

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